Sunday, August 9, 2009

2009 August Activity

1st Friday Novena Devotion


the Black Nazarene

Acevedo Residence
Olympia Village, Missouri City

August 07, 2009

Novena prayers

Novena hymn

Celebration of the Mass

The Celebrant
(Rev. Fr. Clarito Rara)

Opening Hymn

The celebration continues .....

First Reading
(Ms. Tess Duremdes - Guest)

The mass offering was also dedicated to
Mr. Francisco Duremdes

The devotion continues ..... delivering a personal prayer!

Birthday Celebrants



A souvenir pose from the celebrants!

Blowing the candles!

The ladies .....

The gentlemen .......

Sis. Bobet

Sis. Delia

Sis. Aurea

Bro. Mario

Bro. Fil

Birthday cake
(Compliments of Sis. Amy Llacar)

Thanks for the music!

(Compliments of couple Sis. Glo and Bro. Jimmy Canlas)

A beautiful smile from Nanay Chedeng!

The Partake

Enjoying the blessings!

..... Kainan Na!!!

A serious discussion? .... about Health Care?

Enjoying the partake!

Unbound friendship continues .....

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