Sunday, July 12, 2009

2009 July Activity

1st Friday Novena Devotion

to the Black Nazarene

Acevedo Residence
Olympia Village, Missouri City

July 03, 2009

Renewing acquaintances!

Singing together in harmony and peace
brings spiritual healing!

Birthday Celebrants


the month of July

Don't you know that birthday celebration is actually a Thanksgiving Celebration in honor of our parents who brougth us up to this world?

... so on behalf of all children let's remember them and give thanks to them! May God give
them more years to witness that blessings!

(Cake compliments of Sis. Amy Llacar)

Sis. Fely

Bro. Leo

"Loose change for a Change"

A Gawad Kalinga and TAPP project
in cooperation with
the Black Nazarene Group of Houston

"Alkansya para sa kabahayan ng ating
mga kababayang dukha" - BNPG

Let's support this noble project!

Black Nazarene Prayer Group

Streamer for the Benefit Dance



To all members who volunteered and assigned to different committees for the above project to please coordinate with Sis. Suzette and Bro. Sony for the meetings and progress of the event. Also our next Novena prayer will be on August 7, 2009 @ Acevedo Residence. For more details and other announcement please contact Bro. Roger.

God bless and see you next month!

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