Sunday, January 13, 2013

Black Nazarene Fiesta 2013 - The Celebration

of the Mass

 The Holy Family Church
Entrance of the Image
Blessing of the Images

 The Celebrants
(Frs. Michael Barrosa & Eugene Cagoco;
Deacon Danny Naranjo)
Petition Prayers
Gospel Reading 
The Homily
Eucharistic Offering
Outgoing Hermano & Hermana Mayor
(Dr. Jun & Tess Alquiza)
2013 Incoming
Hermano & Hermana Mayor
(Oscar & Aimee Rizarri)

The Devotees

The Notre Dame Church Choir

Thank you for the music!


First of all, please allow me to welcome each and everyone of you for joining us today. In behalf of Jesus the Black Nazarene Ministry, my wife Tess and I would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you, for joining us in this year's fiesta celebration of the Feast of Jesus the Nazarene.
Since our celebration last year 2012, Jesus the Black Nazarene Prayer Group has officially become a ministry of the Holy Family Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Houston-Galveston. Jesus, the Black Nazarene Ministry shall be dedicated to proclaiming, fostering and celebrating the Passion of Jesus Christ. The ministry will work diligently to make Jesus, the Nazarene, closer to everybody. Hence, starting December 2013, the Image will be more accessible to everyone, as it will be transferred to the Holy Family Church and will make the chapel as its permanent home, in time for the centennial celebration of the church on December 15, 2013.
It is with deep gratitude that Jesus the Black Nazarene Ministry community expresses their sincerest thanks to the Holy Family Catholic Church, under the leadership of Fr. Sunny Joseph, O.S.H., for granting a permanent home for the Black Nazarene statue and accepting Jesus, the Black Nazarene Ministry. Thank you Fr. Joy James, O.S.H., for being the spiritual director of our ministry. Thank you to all of you who have pledged to the building campaign of Holy Family Church and we continue to ask your help for the building fund of the church. Please make your tax-deductible donation payable to Holy Family Catholic Church. Our special thanks also goes to our mass celebrant this year Fr. Michael Barrosa, co-celebrant Fr. Eugene Cagoco and Deacon Danny Naranjo as well as our altar servers, our readers and the Eucharistic ministers. We wish to thank also the Youth marching band directed by Dr. Donna Duremdes, the ushers, the choir of Notre Dame Church and to all of you, donors, supporters and friends for making the Ministry a part of your life this year and for making this Fiesta celebration a success.
This year the Jesus the Black Nazarene Ministry has been blessed with members and set of officers who worked untiringly with us, Hermano/Hermana mayor, in the various activities undertaken by the ministry throughout the year. We thank all of you, brothers and sisters in Christ for your dedicated service, for all your generous giving of your time, talent and treasures to make this community a place of spiritual growth, fellowship and faith-sharing. Thanks to all out monthly food sponsors during the novena, sisters Tessie Chipongian and Vicki Boado for providing the new outfit of the statue of the Black Nazarene; sister Amy Llacar for sharing your talent of baking cake to our monthly birthday celebrants; Bros. Roger Carungcong and Fil Viloria and Sis Odette Seria, Sabrina Galarion and Delia Granada for helping out in the smooth flow of meetings and finances; to Sis. Gloria Canlas for her faithfulness in sharing her talent of music; to Bro. Raul Capalad for being our DJ during fiesta fellowship and social gathering; and to all of us who faithfully make the monthly novena and fellowship, we give praise and glory to God, for giving us every opportunity to get closer to Him.
Last but not least, please help us welcome the incoming sponsors for the year 2013 - Bro. Oscar and Sis. Aimee Rizarri.
May the good Lord, Jesus the Nazarene continue to bless all of us. May He guide His Ministry with abundance of His grace, so that we all can transform our ways according to His Ways and conform our will according to His Will. May God be praised by all of us at all times.
Jun and Tess Alquiza
(Hermano/Hermana Mayor 2012)





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