Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 February Activity


to our February 1st Friday

Devotion Prayer


Mass Celebration

for the Black Nazarene

Alquiza Residence

90 Old Woods Passage
Sienna Plantation
Missouri City TX 77459

Hermano & Hermana Mayor 2012 Residence
(Dr. Jun & Tess Alquiza)

Peace be with you all!

Eucharistic renewal

Nanay Chedeng - oldest devotee!

Birthday cake compliments of Sis. Amy Llacar

Valentines couple

Cyrus & Sabrina

Egay & Rita

Sharing experience with the Lord

This part of the activities is a new concept to renew and try to understand the reason for our adoration to the Black Nazarene, its history and other religious practices associated with it. The teaching of the Lord according to the Gospel and how it relates to our daily life. Everybody is welcome to share their views and understand better the reason for our devotion prayer to the Black Nazarene.

Our next Devotion Prayer will be on March 2nd @ 7:00 PM. For further notice and reminders, Bro. Roger will be sending information via your e-mail address. God bless!

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