Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Black Nazarene Fund Raising Acitivy

Black Nazarene

Dance Benefit Fund Raising

for a cause!

San Lorenzo Ruiz Multi-Purpose Hall
10120 San Lorenzo Ruiz Dr.
Sugarland TX

Prayers unite our spirirt as a religious cause oriented group but alone by itself cannot help to alleviate the needed support of The Black Nazarene Prayer Group of Houston for its social commitment and projects. So this year we are embarking a fund raising campaign to augment our financial resources for the forthcoming Annual Festivities and most especially to support our cause oriented projects such as the financial aids provided for the victims of the recent calamities in the Philippines and the housing project for the "Gawad Kalinga Foundation" in cooperation with the Couples For Christ intended for the unfortunate homeless families in the Philippines.

This year "Dance Benefit for a cause" is one of them initiated by the 2011 Hermano & Hermana Mayor - Mr. Danny & Mrs. Odette Seria with the Hawaian theme. There is a law of karma, " The more you give the more blessings and graces you will recieved". So we welcome you now to view our patrons and supporters.

Thank you and happy viewing!

Our Faithful Receptionists! Thank you!

Registration and auditors ..... IRS???
(Jocelyn, Janette & Jasmin)

Arrival of Participants

Theme: Hawaian Five-O
Old Guards on-duty! Cinco Hermanos! He! he! he!

Members group pictures

Welcome Remarks by
the Primary sponsors

"The generation of Black Nazarene"

Enjoying the Partake
"Kainan Na!"

"The Gathering on RN's".
(Retard Nurses - Joke only!)

"Pearly shells"

If this is a "Hawaian Salsa" .....

..... this one is the "Hawaian Fruit Salad"!

"The Clan" ......

..... "The Clowns"???

and the .... "Happy Trio"!!!

Generation "X"

Nurses On-call - "Dress to Dance"!

Thank you for all the supporters and patrons, without them the event could have not been successful. We pray for your untiring support for our cause! To our brothers and sisters of the Black Nazarene kudos for your help and implementation of our project.

See you on our "2012 Black Nazarene Fiesta" @ the Holy Family Catholic Church and everybody is invited to participate. God bless!

Manong Leo

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