Saturday, January 8, 2011

Black Nazarene Fiesta 2011

The Feast of Jesus

The Nazarene

January 8, 2011
Saturday @ 11:00 AM

The Holy Family Catholic Church

1510 Fifth Sreet
Missouri City TX 77489

"There are two Religious icon in the Philippines that are highly celebrated by millions of Filipinos annually as part of their Catholic Faith undertakings and with Papal Blessings.

One, is the Fiesta of the Sto. Nino of Cebu and the other is the the Black Nazarene of Quiapo. Millions of devotees flock both icons and happens both on the first month of the year and not distant week apart.

Both Icons depict the two different stages that the Christ Jesus was under the state of helplessness. The Infant Jesus being dependent on His mother's care and the other on the last days of His crucifixion and death to the cross."

This is according to Fr. Luis Evardoni's Homily.

It reminds us of the very purpose why Jesus Christ came in to this world, or why he was sent to us ..... to Redeem and Save us of our sins! All things came to be through Him and without Him nothing came to be - John 1:3

Let us be grateful to our Lord for all that He has given us, and share that blessings unto others. This year will be our 18th anniversary as a Prayer Group, let us join hands in giving more homes to our unfortunate brothers in the Philipines - let us give support the Gawad Kalinga project as we started a year ago.

Entrance Ushers & Usherette

Thanks to Bro. Roger and the Galarion children!

Nanay Chedeng (one of the oldest devotees)
- @ 90 years old never misses her devotion
to the Black Nazarene.

Balloons for Peace & Prosperity!

Entrance of the Image

Male Devotees
Carrying the Image to the Altar

Fr. Luis Evardone &
Deacon Danny Naranjo

Narration on the origin of the Black Nazarene

Thanks to the Notre Dame Catholic Church Choir!

"Fr. Luis Evardone"
Mass Celebrant

First Reading
(Bro. Bong Bagulbagul)

Reading of the Gospel
(Deacon Danny Naranjo)

The Incoming & Outgoing
Hermano & Hermana Mayors
(Danny & Odette Seria - Bong & Charmy Bagulbagul)

Floral Offerings

The Offering

Hermano & Hermana Mayor 2010

Holy Family Catholic Church
Multi-Purpose Hall
1510 Fifth Street
Missouri City TX 77489


In behalf of the Jesus the Black Nazarene Prayer Group of Houston, Charmaine and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all for joining us in this celebration in His Honor. It is the 19th year anniversary of our humble prayer group in Houston, Texas, and 404 years since the arrival of the statue in the Philippines.

Our special thanks to Fr. Luis Evardone and Deacon Danny Naranjo for celebrating the Mass today. Our thanks to our very own altar boys, readers, the Extra-ordinary ministers of Holy communion, the CFC youth marching band, ushers, the novena singers and the Notre Dame Catholic Church choir.

We would like to personally thank ALL the members of the Black Nazarene Prayer Group for all the support and encouragement this past years when the Black Nazarene was in our home. Being the youngest of the group, we found inspiration and drew strength through each and everyone.

Special thanks to Sis. Amy Llacar for printing the flyers and the event program as well as providing the monthly birthday cakes for our member celebrants; Sis. Gloria Canlas for the beautiful musical accompaniment during our monthly novenas; previous Hermanos/Hermanas Mayor for all the support, prayers and guidance (Oscar & Amy Rizarri, Ver & Cody Viado, Sonny & Suzzette Acebedo, Gene & Donna Duremdes); Tessie Chiopongian and Vicki Boado for providing the new out fit for the statue of Jesus the Black Nazarene.

Special thanks also to our parents, Boy and Ching Bagulbagul and Danny and Elsie Carino for helping us during the Fiesta preparation and the monthly novenas.

We thank all the donors, supporters and friends who helped us make this Fiesta a day of success.

Last but not least, please help us welcome the incoming sponsors for this year Hermano & Hermana Mayor - Danny and Odette Seria.

May the Blessings of the Black Nazarene be upon us all !!!

Bong and Charmy Bagulbagul
(Hermano/Hermana Mayor 2010)

There will be a Novena Prayer and Mass on January 14 @ 7:00 PM at the new Hermano & Hermana Mayor 2011 residence. The Residence address are as follows: 4327 Roundtree Lane, The Terrace @ Riverstone, Missouri City, Texas 77459; Telephone # (281) 710-8757. See you there! :)

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