Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 March Activity

1st Friday Novena Prayer

for the

Black Nazarene

Bagulbagul Residence

Waterside Village
Richmond, Texas 77407

05 March 2010

Jesus gives a lesson about forgiveness. When we refuse to forgive anyone from our heart, it will not just go unpunished by our Heavenly Father; we also cannot expect to be forgiven of our sins. The Lord’s prayer clearly says, “Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.”

Harboring unforgiveness in our hearts prevents us from going higher in our spiritual life. We need to be humble enough to admit that when we do not forgive, the one who is truly imprisoned is no other than ourself. When Jesus was about to breathe His last after a day of torture and humiliation, He still prayed to God, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” He still chose to forgive.

Have we suffered more than our Lord Jesus Christ? Forgiveness is a decision. It is not based on what we feel. We decide to forgive because God says so. If we truly want to be free, forgive.

A special reminder for this Season of Lent!

Serious talk with God!

Singing up high with praises to the Lord!

Singing praises to the Lord!

Nonagenarian devotee!
"Nanay Chedeng"

Novena Prayer is over .....
Looking for the song on blessing of the food!

Unfaltering devotion!

Here comes the celebrants!

Thanks Sis Amy for the cake!

Now what? ........... are we going to make a wish?

Birthday Celebrants

for March

Bro Ben

Bro Raul

Bro Roger

Bro Jimmy

Gimme! gimme! The wish!!!

"Wish ko lang!"
(To be old and wiser like you guys!)

Ikaw and taya ngayon!!!

Gotcha! .... Shhhh huwag ingay! Hati tayo eh!

Having fun with the celebrant!

"Serious Talk"

"Don't worry Bro you're not alone in that age problem
when you're sextagenarian, everyone experience such!"

(Financial to ha! Baka mali ang iniisip niyo!)

"Sino ang friends mo duon? ..........
Siyempre ikaw lang!"

Young Black Nazareans!

REMINDER: Our scheduled 1st Friday Novena for April (i.e. 02 April) is moved to 09 April to give way for the Good Friday activities/services on our respective community church in observance of the Holy week!

Happy Easter Everybody!

God Bless!

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