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Black Nazarene Fiesta 2010


to the

Black Nazarene Fiesta 2010

Holy Family Catholic Church
1510 Fifth Street

Missouri City, Texas 77489

January 9, 2010
10:00 AM


The Black Nazarene Prayer Group of Houston was formed on the later part of 1990 with the initiative of bringing the replica image of the said statue from the Philippines by Nilda Alalay, Leni Miranda, Natividad Ropeta and couple Raul and Evelyn Capalad.

The first host and Hermana Mayor was Sis. Cindy Tengco and the image stayed for four years at her residence before finally traveling to the different members home as the Fiesta Celebration started and members grew in numbers.

Today is the 16th year anniversary of the prayer group and the 403rd years since the arrival of the Statue in the Philippines.

For the history of the said event in the Philippines please log to our earlier blogging.

Galarion children welcoming devotees and

The Black Nazarene Choir
(lead by Sis. Gloria Canlas)

The Novena Prayer
Leading the Prayer
Hermana Mayor Suzette Acevedo

Up Up and away to the Heavens they fly!

Entrance of The Image


The Black Nazarene

Fr. Clarito Rara


Fr. Luis Evardoni, D.S.
Fr. Michael Barrosa, D.S.
Deacon Danny Naranjo

Prayer Petitions

The Floral Offering

Welcoming the new Host for the

Black Nazarene
Bro. Fidel "Bong" & Charmy Bagulbagul
(The Incoming Hermano & Hermana Mayor
together with the Outgoing Host)

2009 Hermano & Hermana Mayor
(Bro. Sonny & Sis. Suzette Acevedo)

Enjoying the Fiesta partake!

The Social

Justin Buzon
(Guest Singer)

Music by the RMC Band

2010 Hermano & Hermana Mayor
(Bro. Bong & Sis. Charmy Bagulbagul)

2003 Hermano & Hermana Mayor
(Bro. Romy and Sis. Lulu Merhan)


In behalf of Jesus the Black Nazarene Prayer Group, Suzette and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all for joining us to this Fiesta Celebration in His Honor. It is the 16th year anniversary of our prayer group here in Houston, and 403rd years since the arrival of the statue in the Philippines.

Our special thanks to Fr. Clarito Rara, Fr. Luis Evardoni, Fr. Michael Barrosa and Deacon Danny Naranjo for celebrating the Mass. Our thanks to our very own altar servers, our readers, the Extra-ordinary ministers of Holy Communion, the CFC Youths marching band and their parents, to all ushers, the singers for the novena and lastly, the Notre Dame Catholic Church choir.

We would like to personally thank all the members for your support and hard work for the success of this celebration and our successful Fund Raising Project last August - "Pabahay para sa mga Kababayang Dukha" through the Gawad Kalinga Foundation. Our special thanks to Sis. Amy Llacar for printing the flyers, programs and providing the birthday cakes every month; to Bro. Roger Carungcong, thanks brod, we appreciate all that you do, you are the link that binds our group; to Sis. Gloria Canlas for providing us the music through your skill in organ/piano during our novenas; to Bro. Gene and Sis. Donna Duremdes for all your support and advise; Sis. Donna was the inspiration behind our humanitarian project to help the poorest of the poor among our kababayans in the Philippines; to Bro. Leo Estepa, our photographer and who facilitated the creation of our weblog of our Confraternity of Black Nazarene (Houston); Our thanks to our family, my sisters, brothers, and sisters-and brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews, and most of all to Nanay and Tatay.

Our profound thanks to all the donors, supporters and friends who helped us make this Feast Day Celebration a success.

To all members of Jesus the Nazarene Prayer Group, thank you for being with us every first Friday of the month in 2009 and this past nine day novena. May Jesus the Black Nazarene bless us all with good health so that we can continuously serve Him.

The in-coming sponsors for this year are Bro. Fidel "Bong" and Sis. Charmy Bagulbagul, thank you for your enthusiasm in sponsoring to be in your home for 2010.

May the blessing of Jesus the Black Nazarene be upon us all!

Sincerely yours,

Sonny and Suzette Acevedo
Hermano/Hermana Mayor 2009

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