Saturday, February 7, 2009

2009 February Activity

1st Friday Devotion Novena

to our Beloved

"Black Nazarene"

Acevedo Residence
Lake Olympia, Missouri City

We again entered into a new commitment to our beloved devotion to the "Black Nazarene". A tradition that has been handed down from generations to generations among the devoted Filipino Catholics. A symbol of unification of their spirit and cultural belief that identifies them as Filipinos.

Wherever they are, the tradition continues and practiced anywhere around the world. Now this prayer group from Houston, Texas carries that tradition with pride and devotion to that spirit as they grow in numbers.

These first Friday novenas refreshes our spirit and commitment to that cause. We look forward from other groups of the same cause and offer this webblog to convey and open our communication for exchange of views and experiences. As for the other members who are now out of State, we hope it may serve as a venue of news and information for them.

We look forward in hearing from you soon! God Bless and may the spirit of the "Black Nazarene" be with you always!

Black Nazarene Prayer Group
(Houston, Texas)

Residence of the Hermano/Hermana Mayor

Birthday Celebrants


Blowing the spirit ...... wishes may come TRUE!

Bro. Oscar Rizzari

Sis. Gloria Canlas

Thanks for your beautiful music!


(Gloria, Lourdes and Oscar)

Enjoying the camaraderie!

A glimpse of joy after the novena!

The devotion continues ......

Singing praises with enthusiasm!

And so we continue singing the praises to the Lord!

Joy and fun after our novena devotion ....

the best part is our partake! - Kainan Na!!!

See you all to our next month novena!

REMINDER: Our next novena prayer will be on March 6, 2009 @ Bro Sonny Acevedo Residence. For other schedules please contact Bro Roger or wait for further announcement. Let us also support Dra. Donna's pet project for our less fortunate brothers and sisters in the Philippines. God Bless and see you all!

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